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14AWG solid bare copper weld dual shield RG11/U 75Ohm coax cable, Sweep tested to 3.0 GHz


  • 1000 foot of RG11/U Coaxial Cable
  • 14 AWG Solid Bare Copper 75 Ohm Conductor
  • Braid Shielded to prevent Interference
  • Encased in Riser (CMR) Jacketing

Ratings/Approvals: NEC Article 800& 820, UL Subject 444 &1581, Type CM/CATV,  C(ETL)US, RoHS Compliant

Applications: Video Display, Point-Of-Sale Terminals, Local Area Network Controls, and CATV, Broadcast Applications

Dielectric Material: Cellular Polyethylene
Capacitance: 16.2 pF/ft Nominal
Stranding: Solid
Dielectric Core Diameter: 0.285 in. (7.239 mm.) Nominal
Braid Shield: CCA Braid
Overall Cable Diameter: 0.405 in. (10.287 mm.) Nominal
Approx Cable Weight /1,000 ft: 66 lbs.
Velocity of Propagation: 82% Nominal
Characteristic Impedance: 75Ω Nominal
1st Shield: Coaxial Shielding Tape (100% Coverage)
2nd Shield: Aluminum Braid
Conductor 14AWG Bare Copperweld
Temperature Rating: -20°C to 60°C
Jacket Material Polyvinyl Chloride
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