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FPLP Unshielded Fire Alarm wire used for power-limited fire alarm and communications applications. It is perfect for wiring fire alarm systems, smoke detectors, and various fire protective circuits in plenum open-air ventilation environments. The plenum rated jacket on the fire alarm wire is designed to support building codes that require plenum cabling. 


  • Bare copper conductors
  • Low Smoke PVC insulation
  • Alum/Poly Foil 100% Coverage
  • Rated temperature: 60°C
  • NEC FPLR, RoHS compliant
  • Foam Polypropylene insulation
  • Twisted, unshielded


Fire Protective Signaling Circuit Applications, Power limited fire alarm and communications cable for Riser and Non-Riser applications. Fire Alarm, Fire Protective Circuits, Smoke Detectors, Monitor/Detection, Signal, Control Circuits, Initiating Circuits, and Notification Circuits.


NEC Article 760, UL Subject 1424, Type FPLR, (ETL)US, RoHS Compliant

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