1000ft Cat6A Plenum UTP Bulk Ethernet Cable CMP Rated 23 AWG Solid Conductor

23AWG Plenum, unshielded four twisted pairs, Category 6A Horizontal Cable Tested to 600 MHz. CAT6..

$419.99 $409.99

1000ft Cat6 Plenum CMP Rated with 23AWG Solid Conductor Ethernet Cable

1000ft Cat6 Plenum cable with the 23AWG eight solid wires is ideal for high-end solutions such as Gi..



Cat6 Plenum CMP Bare Copper 1000ft 550MHz Bulk UTP Ethernet Cable

Cat6 Plenum Bare Copper Networking Cables Cat6 Plenum Solid Conductor Bare copper cable. A perfec..

$209.99 $199.99