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PURE COPPER cat6 Plenum is a perfect choice for your network installation voice/LAN/data/video installation, security with capabilities to provide additional performance supports long run networking applications. Cat6 Pure Copper Ethernet UTP Plenum cable is suitable for 550MHz Ethernet applications due to its high data Transfer Capability. this cat6 plenum pure copper can handle greater bandwidth and fast speed with ease. It provides more resistance to NEXT and AXT cross-talk issues in noisy environments. These cables have a special low smoke jacket, which made them ideal to be used in plenum air-return spaces.


  • NON-Toxic CMP Jacket
  • 23AWG (American Wire Guage)
  • Frequency Up to 550MHz 
  • 100% Solid Pure Copper
  • EZ-Pull out, foot marked
  • 4 Pair UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair)
  • Meet and exceed ISO/IEC/RoHS standards
Wire Number Pair Number Color
1 1 60px-Wire_white_blue_stripe.svg white/blue
2 60px-Wire_blue.svg blue
3 2 60px-Wire_white_orange_stripe.svg white/orange
4 60px-Wire_orange.svg orange
5 3 60px-Wire_white_green_stripe.svg white/green
6 60px-Wire_green.svg green
7 4 60px-Wire_white_brown_stripe.svg white/brown
8 60px-Wire_brown.svg brown
Reference Standard EIA/TIA 568C.2 & ISO/IEC 11801
Conductor 100% Pure Copper
Conductor Gauge / Dia (mm) 23AWG / 0.57±0.01mm
Max. Conductor DC Resistance 72.2
Jacket Type & Rating CMP Rated Jacket
Rated Temperature / Voltage (V) 70 / 30
Insulation Average Thickness 0.225
Separator Type / Separator Dia (mm) LSZH / 5.00
Insulation Dia. (mm) 1.01
Multi Construction 4-Pairs UTP
Jacket Thickness (mm) 0.6
Jacket Outer Dia.(±0.20mm) 6.20
Ripcord Nylon Rope
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