1000ft Cat5e Plenum CMP Rated with 24AWG Solid Conductor Ethernet Cable

1000ft Bulk Cat5e cable CMP rated is 24AWG, 4-Pair Solid conductors cable, it has a special insulati..



Cat5e Plenum CMP Bare Copper 1000ft 350MHz Bulk UTP Ethernet Cable

Cat5e Plenum Pure Copper Ethernet Cables 1000ft Cat5e Plenum 350MHz Bare Copper Plenum cable prov..

$144.99 $123.99


1000ft Cat5e Bare Copper UTP 24AWG CMR Rated Ethernet Cable

Vertex Cables CAT5e CMR cables meet any Riser applications. This cable is ETL listed and features a ..

$95.00 $77.99